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This page covers the basic functions of the website.


When registering a temporary password will be sent via sms to the mobile phone number you provide. The only way to access the site for the first time is by using this temporary password. Once you have gained access to the site for the first time you may change this password in the account section of your profile.


The site uses a reply icon on the front page of the site. This small blue envelope allows you to reply directy to a post on the front page.


The site is topic based. The front page simply shows all posts in the timeline they were posted. For discussions on a topic simply click the green topic link to be taken to the "Topic Page".

Here you can reply to each post on a certain topic. Every reply to a post on a partcular topic will then show below the original post noting who you are replying too.

You can also post from a post box at the top of the screen.

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